A tour through Loo Wit Gardens in early spring…

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Daffodils are flowers with a work ethic. Despite chilling wind and rain, like we had yesterday – almost a full month into official “spring” – they break cold, hard ground and begin to bloom. They’re stubborn little things. All they need is one 70 degree day, and off they go, telling us all we should do the same: smile, better weather is right around the corner.

This is that time of year when I let Daffodils lure me into dreaming about my garden. April and May can be such frustrating experiences since it’s often too darn cold for many new plants, but I’m so eager to cast the greyness of winter aside. So instead I console myself often with strolls through garden stores and shops in Yakima.

On a recent trip to Loo Wit Gardens, I was struck by how much springtime yellow the store contained…the daffodil’s color was on so many different items. Candles, books, napkins, soaps … and flowers, of course. It was so pretty that Jill and photographer Rhiann Gates took a stroll through themselves to try to capture spring indoors.

Loo Wit Gardens • 5641 Summitview Ave. • 509-966-7010

Sunflowers are such gorgeously huge flowers. Photo by Rhiann Gates
Japanese lanterns are one of my new obsessions - and polka dots make everything cuter. Photo by Rhiann Gates
Lovely colors. Photo by Rhiann Gates
People don't use taper candles enough. A table laden wtih tapers and tea lights is so striking. Photo by Rhiann Gates
Mmm....lemon verbena.... Photo by Rhiann Gates
LOVE the container. Photo by Rhiann Gates
Great way to spring up your shower. Photo by Rhiann Gates
I'm a little obsessed with gift wrap and all its accoutrements. Darling tags. Photo by Rhiann Gates
Bubble bath! For after those long hours toiling in the soil. Photo by Rhiann Gates

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