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  • Some Like it HOT!

    Along with other more worldly treasures, Christopher Columbus carried seeds from New World Capsicum plants back to the Spanish monarchy.  Cultivated in Central and South America as... Read more
  • Dishing it Up

    There are some flavors that bring back memories, and I have the best memory of the first time I tasted curry. Back in the early 70’s, fondue... Read more
  • Spring Asparagus 3 Ways

    Spring has come to the Yakima Valley. The rolling hills surrounding our beautiful Valley have turned a vibrant green and the apple and pear orchards burst with... Read more
  • Spring Happy Hour

    Spring is finally here. The days are getting longer as the weather warms up, staying light out later and later. Happy hour in downtown Yakima, preferably on... Read more
  • Randall Park Improvements

    You may have noticed some fantastic improvements at Yakima’s Randall Park this past year. Originally built in 1974, Randall Park is Yakima’s second most popular park and... Read more

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