Feather Your Nest

by on Nov 1, 2012

Feather Your Nest is hosted by Stephanie Agledal, Kristin Hayes & Katie Dauer. Photos courtesy of Feather Your Nest by Samantha Deyette.

After having heard about the Feather Your Nest Sale, I can think of few ways I’d rather spend my time. But of course, that’s coming from a total design junkie. Twice a year – in the spring and in the fall, Stephanie Agledal, Kristin Hayes and Katie Dauer take over a local resident’s home to create a two-day unique “pop-up” boutique. It’s filled with one-of-a kind vendors selling rustic cottage, shabby chic and French country decor, that’s been re-purposed or hand-crafted.

This year the sale takes place at 4710 Richey Road in Yakima. It kicks off at 5:30pm Friday and goes until 9pm. They’ll open their doors again at 9am Saturday morning for a day filled with shopping fun.

Take a peek at some of the darling decor from past events…

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Pretty Little Vanity

by on Sep 25, 2012

Pretty little vanity from Attic Clutter.

Last January I moved into a darling little craftsman style cottage. It was built in the twenties with hardwood floors, wide baseboards, built-in bookshelves, glass doorknobs and the cutest little wood-burning fireplace I may have ever laid eyes on. But there are some drawbacks to old homes too. I have a serious electrical outlet problem – or lack there of. I searched the bathroom high and low until I finally accepted the fact that I am not going to find an outlet in there – because one doesn’t exist – ugh!

But a girl has got to have a space of her own to do her hair and makeup, which gave me a great excuse to buy this darling little antique vanity. I found it tucked away in a little corner of Attic Clutter, an antique store on Yakima Avenue. I keep my hair products and appliances in the bottom drawers, and use the smaller drawers on top to store cosmetics. It’s also a great space to display my jewelry and hair accessories.

My pretty little vanity has become one of my favorite pieces of furniture – it’s absolutely perfect!

I love mixing and matching vintage dishware to hold and display my jewelry.

I found this over-sized goblet at St.Vincent's Center for $1.49. It's perfect for my big bracelets.

I love the detail on the vanity's hardware.

Little wheels for feet add charm, but also make moving it easier.

This darling little dish is another thrift-shopping find. It's perfect for smaller pieces like rings, watches and hair pins.

This piece was featured in the Sept/Oct edition of Yakima Magazine. It's also a vintage thrift-store find from the Old Lighthouse Shoppe. It holds my scarves.

Although I rarely wear this perfume, the pretty little Prada bottle is irresistible.

This unique piece is perfect for brooches and hair accessories.

This jewelry stand perfectly organizes and displays my bracelets and necklaces. Every girl should have one...or two!

Check back tomorrow for the DIY tutorial on this ribbon-wrapped jewelry stand.


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New Shop! | The Green Door

by on Aug 1, 2012

How amazing is this antique children's folding table?

I was walking through the parking lot on Front Street – the one between Cafe Melange and Garden Girl – to meet a friend at Barrel House for lunch (more on that later). Lo and behold, I noticed what appeared to be a new shop tucked next to Carousel in the space that The French Hen used to occupy: The Green Door.

Making a mental note to pop inside on my way back, I proceeded to BH (and I sat down to an absolutely terrific chicken/gorgonzola/red wine relish sandwich … will fill you in on the sandy’s delicious details in the next issue, out Sept. 7).

The Green Door is owned by a gal named Marie, who ran a shop in Zillah previously. She moved it up to Yakima hoping to get increased attention on the line of paint she carries–Annie Sloan. Now I’d never heard of Annie Sloan paints, but since we’re working on the Home & Garden issue of the magazine, and since I fancy myself a quasi crafter/DIYer, I was instantly intrigued. Apparently they’re all the rage.

Marie says Annie Sloan paints (they’re called “chalk” paints, but that just means it dries with a matte finish) are made with minerals and are very low VOC. To prove it, she pulled out an OPEN can of paint that was right there under her counter. She had just finished painting a piece of furniture. I actually had to put my nose right up to the rim of the paint can before I smelled it. Suitably impressed.

In addition to the paint, The Green Door carries some antiques and crafted items (like decoupage magnets made by Marie’s daughter Erin and darling tea towel hooks), plus hand-painted furniture, of course. Marie’s hoping to have a grand-opening in the near future, after which she plans on holding paint workshops. Take a peek inside:

Here are some of the 30 paint colors available ... They had me at "Duck Egg."

A chest of drawers that Marie painted and distressed.

…and a chest that Erin painted and “crackled.”

Some of the magnets that Erin makes.

A coffee creamer...


Two rustic lanterns hang from an ornate hook.

How amazing is this antique children's folding table?

Here's the prize that Marie will give away during her grand opening event...date TBD.

This is Marie, who owns The Green Door on Front Street.

To visit:

The Green Door • 25 N. Front St., No. 5

Yakima • 509-945-1031

Hours: Mon.-Fri., 9-5, Sat 9-4

Check it out on Facebook

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The Village Shoppe – Part 2

by on Jul 20, 2012

The Village Shoppe has an incredible garden section with pots, plants, flowers and much much more.

Did you see yesterday’s blog post? Well in case you missed it, I gave you an interior preview of the Village Shoppe. Well today I’m back to give you a peek into the gardens. They carry oodles of pots in all colors, shapes and sizes, lovely statuary, annuals and perennials and garden accessories for both indoors and out.

These neutral colored pots would look lovely filled with both greenery and flowers, in almost any outdoor decor.

A closer look at the leaf detail on the pots.

One corner (of many) of the Village Shoppe's outdoor garden.

The large fountain adds a refreshing touch to the gardens.

Choose from many colors of large clay pots. The color blue has recently grown on me, so I'm quite a fan of the bright blue pots.

Darling accessories are scattered throughout the shop.

A beautiful mural was painted on the walls of one of the outdoor garden houses. This is the left side of the mural.

...and this is the right side of the mural.

Another garden space at the rear of the shop.

This pot makes me want to plant some parsley.

An enormous round wood table fills a corner of one of the outdoor houses. The hot-air balloon painting adds a touch of whimsy.

These leaf pillows add a touch of the outdoors, to the indoors.

Terracotta pots have been "weathered" to make them look old.

The Village Shoppe

2402 Fruitvale Blvd

Yakima, WA 98902

(509) 574-5281

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The Village Shoppe – Part 1

by on Jul 19, 2012

The Village Shoppe is filled with beautiful vignettes.

The other day I spent some time – in awe – browsing through the Village Shoppe. Oh what I’d give to fill my entire home with all the loveliness in this shop. In fact, I took so many incredible photos, I decided to break this blog post up into two – an interior post and a garden post (but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for part 2).

The Village Shoppe carries an eclectic mix of fine furnishing and accessories from all around the world. If you can dream it, it’s probably in this shop. And if it isn’t, their team of design professionals can help bring your ideas to life.

The shop is located on 24th and Fruitvale in a charming Swiss chalet. The decor is displayed in rooms similar to those in your own home, each with a unique Benjamin Moore paint color. Take a look:

A small corner displays a patterned sofa with unique artwork. Don't miss the detail at the top of the draperies.

This shiny bead candle holder would make for a lovely color spot.

Check out the interesting lamp. And that pillow - beautiful pattern and colors.

One of my favorite things to accessorize with are birds. I fell in love with this rustic wood and metal birdie.

The Village Shoppe has many different styles of artwork to fill your walls. This one kind of reminds me of a piece I painted for Yakima Magazine.

And the lighting is incredible. How cool it would be to own one of these floral patterned globes.

Another darling vignette. I love their use of lamps in each and every one.

Such an interesting piece of decor to accessorize with.

A vignette on the lighter side. I fell in love with those little pineapples (look closely).

Peeking through the curtains of another small room - of course filled with more great decor.

More brightly colored wall art.

Darling accessories for the bride and groom. Keep the Village Shoppe in mind when shopping for wedding gifts too - you'll surely find something unique and lovely.

Make sure you head upstairs for more lovely decor.

A beautiful chandelier hangs in one of their upstairs rooms.

I love the soft lines and colors in this floral painting.

The Village Shoppe

2402 Fruitvale Blvd

Yakima, WA 98902

(509) 574-5281

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Another glimpse at the Wyles’ garden delight…

by on Jul 13, 2012

The interior of the greenhouse offers the perfect place to grow exotic plants and to display some pieces from Rob's extensive Americana Folk Art collection. Photos by Chad Bremerman.

With each story in the magazine we send our photographers out to shoot anything and everything pertaining to the story being featured. Our photographers are pretty much amazing – or so we think anyway – and so we usually end up with oodles of great photos to choose from. The discouraging part – is how few photos we actually get to feature in the magazine – due to space of course.

Rob and Michelle Wyles’ Naches Heights garden is truly captivating. In fact, I’m not sure a photographer has ever taken more photos during a shoot. We featured some beautiful photos in the magazine, but only so many would fit, so we though we’d share a few more of our favorites.

If you missed the story in the magazine, you can read it here, and then take peek at more loveliness from the Wyles garden…

A rooster on a carousel sits in a window in the greenhouse.

A beautiful stained-glass window was installed in the greenhouse.

A sitting space with rustic pavers.

The backside of the Wyles' house is truly amazing.

Glass baubles float in a bird bath.

Michelle strolls through her garden.

An arbor opens up to a beautiful brick pathway of flowers.

Rows of flowering trees outline a long grassy space.

That is a truly magnificent walkway.

They Wyles' dog, Chester.

A canary stops by for a visit.

Enormous urns line the outdoor swimming pool that sits next to the formal know garden.

Even a bowl of cherries are admirable in the Wyles' home.

Lilly pads and flowers take root in the pond.

The "vegecal" man watches over the pool.

Big pots and statuary are placed around the grounds.

Michelle poses with a friend and her dog, Chester.

A bundle of birdhouses sit atop a large post.

A space for the Wyles' collection of clay and metal sun shapes.

Quite an incredible swimming space.

Paper lanterns hang in the greenhouse.

Another view of the backside of Wyles' house. Wow.


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