Pieces of Home – My Christmas Decor

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Over the years, I've grown quite an attachment to my ornaments. This wirey little guy has been with me for as long as I can remember.

Preparing for future editions of Yakima Magazine often requires a photo shoot way ahead of time – like a year in advance. So the snow you see in your current issue was actually that from last year. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes we have to improvise. For example, Pam Edward’s recent Style Freak story, “Un Petite Noel,” which was featured in our Nov/Dec edition, was actually shot in my house…in October.

I handed my home over to Pam and let her go wild with her French Christmas decor – yes, a truckload of it. For about three days,in October mind you, I relished in the Christmas fantasy. And then within a snap of the fingers (or rather, the camera) it was gone – a Christmas tease, in a sense.

From that day forward, I’ve been on the hunt for vintage Christmas decor. It’s scarce and can be quite spendy, but I’ve found a few things while thrift shopping. I’m nowhere near recreating Pam’s Petite Noel, but I kinda like my hodge-podge of stuff, so I thought I’d share it with you. And if you missed Pam’s story in Yakima Magazine, you can view it online here.

We’d also love to see your Christmas decor. If you’ve taken photos they can be uploaded to our website using the upload link in the sidebar to the right.

Here’s a peak at my decor:

I've transformed simple dollar store candles by wrapping them with shimmery gold ribbon and then nestled them in greenery atop my fireplace mantle.
I love adding texture to my tree. These glittery feathers and sugared berries do just that.
These vintage plates are part of my recent finds - adapted from Pam's French decor. But those pretzels are long gone now :)
The rusty tin-roofed bird feeder (purchased at Patina) is part of my normal decor. I've just dressed it up with some pine cones and a wreath.
I have a lot of ornaments and as much as I would have loved to cover the tree in all of them, they started to weigh down the branches. Instead, I've placed them around the house.
I drape some lights around my ragdoll angel and she happily tops the tree. I've had her so long she's become a part of our Christmas tradition. P.S. I'm more than ready for a new tree topper, but I feel like I'd hurt her feelings...which must be the inner-child in me.
This faux mercury glass bowl was featured as a DIY projects in our Nov/Dec issue. I've filled it with some vintage ornaments.
I'm having SO much fun with my new camera, I just had to share this pic.
Another ornament that was too heavy for the tree, but now has his own little place hanging from the windows.
A peek at my mantle.
A little "love" is nestled in the tree.
My little girl, Libby. She's seemed to have mastered her poses after an intense photo shoot for both Yakima Magazine and Playdate. Ha ha :)

Merry Christmas Yakima!

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