Mighty Tieton’s Chandelier Lighting and Bazaar

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Forks chandelier by Shannon Martin, Norma Rose - made of silverware, springs, and sheet metal. Photo courtesy of Mighty Tieton by Ed Marquand.

There are bazaars – and then there’s the Mighty Tieton Bazaar, which is in a class of its own. The first weekend in December, artisans take over the warehouse and fill it with handmade items, yummy treats, live music and eccentric hand-crafted chandeliers, which light up the entryway. The bazaar runs both weekend days, with a reception Saturday from 3 – 5pm for the new artists’ chandeliers and the opening of the Trimpin’s Sound Space – a spaced designated for sound art.

There is no entry fee for the bazaar, reception or tree lighting, which wraps up the weekend in Tieton Park with a visit from santa. The bazaar goes this Saturday from 10 – 5pm and then Sunday from 11 – 4pm.

Mighty Tieton is located about 15 miles west of Yakima…and well worth the drive. In fact, I wait all year for this bazaar to come around and it’s finally here. Yay!

Large felt balls are just one of many unique hand-crafted items available at the Mighty Tieton Holiday Bazaar. Photo courtesy of Mighty Tieton.






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