Nothing better than lunch with friends…

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I love “lunching.” With hectic days, I relish meeting friends and family for the occasional lunch date – a brief respite from the go go go.

Yesterday I was going to meet my husband, Ryan, at Ballesteri’s in Westpark (if you don’t know about my affection for its grilled chicken pesto club, you can read about it here. It’s a serious problem for me). Our friends, Ryan and Gen M., decided to join us, only they were in the mood for Geppetto’s. So off to Geppetto’s we went.

The thing I like about Geppetto’s is chef Lindsay Park’s Fresh Sheet…there’s always something new that I haven’t tried. Helps me get out of menu ruts, you know? Yesterday’s Fresh Sheet included some amazing-sounding fare. An we tried darn near everything on the list. I’m surprised we got any catching up done, since we were so busy stuffing ourselves, but we did manage a lot of laughs between bites.

The perfect lunch break!

Accomplice No. 1: Our friend Ryan M. He's gregarious and a cooking aficionado. This afternoon he was also a "blended drink" aficionado.


Ryan's wife Gen. She didn't want her picture taken...
...but she let me anyway.
And my husband Ryan B., who here is chatting about the pros and cons of the iPad, I believe. Or risotto. I don't remember.
Our indefatigable servers: Tracy and Evelyn. They're a lot of fun.
Hey, the mayor stopped by! One of the things I love about Yakima - you run into folks all the time. We were sitting next to two neighbors and my high school English teacher too.
This was a sample Lindsay brought out for us to try - it's a lemonade blended fruit cocktail. Since it has vodka I, sadly, could not partake. Darn workdays!
My entree: thai chicken pizza with grilled sweet chili chicken, mozzarella, cucumber and carrot, coconut peanut sauce and chopped peanuts and cilantro. Sweet, salty, tart and crunchy all at the same time.
My husband ordered the chopped salad with basil vinaigrette from the regular menu. A favorite of ours.
Ryan M's entree: blackened chicken tacos with pineapple slaw and fresh lime. Both Ryans tasted them; both Ryans loved 'em.
Ryan M. couldn't leave without trying the gelato sandwich: this one stuffed cool and tart lemoncello gelato between two sugar cookies...divine.

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Robin Salts Beckett

Robin Salts Beckett was born in Seattle, raised in Yakima, and after traveling here, there and everywhere, settled in her hometown in 2002. She became Niche Products Manager for the Yakima Herald-Republic in 2006. Robin lives with her husband, Ryan Beckett, and their son.

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