Ain’t springtime great?

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I, like many others, take for granted the gorgeousness that surrounds us in this valley. And to tell you the truth, I’ve never been particularly enamored with spring. Fall and I are simpatico … I love its crispy textures, its smoking fireplaces, the hearty soups and warm wooly sweaters. I even love the idea of going back to school, even though I haven’t in many years.

But spring this year seems out-of-the-ordinary extraordinary. Aren’t the blooms bigger? Brighter? The leaves greener? Or is it just me? Every day I’m constantly amazed by the burst of color on every street.

The other day, when it was a bit overcast and drizzly, the light was perfect for picture taking. So I grabbed my camera and wandered around snapping photographs of my new favorite season. For now.

The wisteria, after having a tough couple of years due to weird weather and some overzealous pruning, came back so full and lush this year. And smelly.
My thyme made it through the winter. Ignore that scraggly part. did the rosemary...
...and the mint! The only thing I had to plant this year was a pot of chives.
Geraniums are my favorite annual ... I plant them almost exclusively in my "sun" areas. Easy care, super pretty.
Where there's shade, there are hostas.
One of my favorite springtime gems is Soloman's Seal. So graceful.
This is my patio's crown jewel: A dogwood called "Eddie's White Wonder." The pictures do not do it justice. There are actually two, and they are amazing.
Here are the blooms of the dogwood up close.
The rain drip-drops off a light bulb that will surely light many a dinner party this summer season.
Isn't this tulip basket cute? Add some moss, some of those geraniums, and voila! Yard art.
I got this birdcage last year - still not sure what to "do" with it. I'm thinking mini-chandelier.
My latest find: A Spanish lavender topiary. It adds that certain "Je ne sais quoi." Happy spring Yakima!

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