Spring up your decor: A topiary three ways

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I was at Garden Girl the other day with my son (note to mothers: 4-year-olds and shops with lots of breakables don’t mix), picking up some last-minute bits of decor before a party we were throwing that night. I ended up buying a few things, including a fairly simple topiary of Myrtle. The gal who was working there said that Myrtle is exceptionally easy to care for (BIG bonus), and it doesn’t even need to be put in a pot with drainage.

There’s something so pleasing about a topiary – the order of it, the precision of the shape. It’s also a super easy way to add some pop to a lonely side table.  I like my topiary plain, but for the onset of spring and the approaching Easter holiday, I thought I’d play dress up with it too. Just for fun.

I just used some colorful ribbon...
...some sparkly eggs...
...and some darling little yellow chickies.

And this is what it turned into:

A bow-tied topiary - all the colors of the spring rainbow
A topiary as a nest for chickies
...and with a nest for the sparkly eggs. Happy Easter!


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