Chevrons are all the rage, you know

If you follow design trends, you know that the chevron pattern is EVERYWHERE these days. It’s so in, it’s almost out. There’s something about its simplicity, it’s in-your-face “pattern-ness” that I just love though. I think my living room, which is ultra-traditional, could benefit from the contemporary shape.

Over the years I’ve dreamed up about a thousand DIY projects that either only exist in my mind or sit in varying degrees of completion (or incompletion) in my house. My husband hates it when I get a “new” idea. This one will be easy, I say…SUPER simple. But DIY projects and busy schedules seem to conflict. (And let’s face it, I’m just not that good at them.)

But a simple canvas with painted chevrons…that WOULD be super simple, right? All I need is a canvas, a stencil and some paint. And some time.

Right now I’m in the “dreaming of it” stage…I’ve tossed around all sorts of ideas for color combinations:

I’m kind of obsessed with rainbows right now, so maybe I could marry the two objectives … cool, but probably not for my monochromatic living room.




I like this…all one crazy color that you won’t find in my living room anywhere. But crazy color + crazy pattern might be too much. Kind of like a short skirt and high heels: choose one.





This is a pleasing combination of calm + energy. But something might be missing.





Maybe it’s an image? Like a bird? Hmm…maybe not.




Ah-HA! Love the slim font overlay. Now for the hard part…