Fresh Sheet: Sweet Beez Cafe’

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The ooey-gooey French dip from Sweet Beez Cafe' Photo by Robin Salts Beckett.

Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” has been a runaway hit, and for good reason. Despite celeb-chef Guy Fieri’s incessant catchphrases (“We’re going to flavor town!” “That’s out of bounds!”), the food he features on the show is mouthwatering.

And then I found Sweet Beez Café in Selah.

Sweet Beez is a tiny restaurant – only a few tables and a counter for customers to sit at, but if you have to wait, go ahead and invest the time. It’s worth it. During a recent lunch hour a friend and I stood in the lobby salivating until two bar stools opened up at the very end of the counter (it was research after all). We slipped in quickly and prepared to eat whatever fantasticness we were smelling. Turns out it was the chimichanga – that day’s special ($8.25). Needless to say, we wanted an express ticket to flavor town.

This is no ordinary chimichanga. In the interest of full disclosure, I am no chimichanga expert – far from it. But I know what I like.  The server told us that the chimichanga is completely homemade, with a thick, crispy deep-fried crust, flavorful slightly spicy filling and delicious fresh salsa.  My friend, who ordered the french dip ($8.50), took a page out of Fieri’s book when she proclaimed the chimi as “out of control.” 

Since the entrees are large, we split each and traded half. The French Dip, the server said, was also roasted and sliced by the folks at Sweet Beez. That kind of food-love certainly shows. The meat is steaming hot, with gooey cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions sitting on top. Dip that baby in au jus — I dare you.

Entrees are reasonably priced, and the service is friendly and efficient. There are a number of regular customers who obviously frequent the café. I hope to be one as well.   

Sweet Beez Café

130 East Naches Ave. • Selah


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