It’s hard being a design junkie

Ornaments are special when they're DIY!

Being the design junkie that I am, I fell in love with many things about Jane Milford’s French cottage interior, which was featured in our most recent edition of Yakima magazine. In an attempt to recreate her look I’ve tried my hand at several DIY projects similar to the décor in her home. With Christmas on its way, Jane’s personalized Victorian angel ornaments seem an ideal gift for giving. Using a photo of my adorable niece, Maggie, I hand-crafted an angel, with hopes to surprise my sister.

Or take it a step further – a personalized family tree could easily be made by hanging several ornaments from a bundle of willow branches. With that idea, I better get back to crafting.

Some of the materials you'll need


1 Doily

Victorian Patterned Scrapbook Paper

Pearl Embellishments

Hot Glue


Personalized Photo and Printer

Folding the doily to form a skirt


On your computer, choose a photo and change its color to Sepia. Using quality paper white paper, size the photo to 3.5 x 5 and then print.  Next, cut out the child. Using a doily, cut half circle to fit the bottom half of the child and then fold edges back and then around to give skirt fullness.  Add pearl embellishments with hot glue. Next, using scrapbook paper cut wings in an almond shape and glue to the back of the child. Add a bow to her hair if you prefer. Last, glue ribbon from the back of the ornament for hanging.